Class Action Administration Services


Get ahead of the curve. Benefit from CAA’s experience managing hundreds of class settlements. We design roadmaps for how to best navigate settlement administration, provide preliminary hearing support, deliver independent damage modeling expertise, and handle CAFA notification. FourThoughtSM is a consultative service that provides a roadmap for effective settlement administration based on our experience and the published book, The Four FactorsSM. Contact CAA for a FourThoughtSM session before settlement terms are finalized.  More Pre-Settlement Services

Notice Program

Effectively notifying class members is the single most influential factor in determining class participation rates. Our expertise in the design and implementation of class-friendly notice programs provides clients with creative and cost-sensitive options. Our websites are created quickly and look professional. We also take care of all published media notices.  More Notification Options

Claims Processing

We consult with attorneys to design the most efficient approach for filing and processing claims. Our solutions emphasize: 1) forms that are easy to understand and complete; 2) requesting comprehensive information; and 3) efficient processing. Accurate and timely claims processing is one CAA's greatest strengths. CAA's proprietary claims processing database supports customized reports to meet clients’ needs.  More About Our Claims Process

Benefit Disbursement

CAA has disbursed nearly a billion dollars in settlement benefits in a wide variety of forms: checks, wages, credits, gift cards, vouchers and electronic benefits. CAA’s analysts develop the computer programs to implement the allocation methodologies called for in the settlement agreement. We routinely serve as escrow agent, manage all necessary tax reporting, and provide account reconciliation.  More Disbursement Options